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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What's up with GarageNoise?

Sorry for killing the blog off. I've been busy with my *insertfavoriteexcusehere* and found no time. Blah blah blah..

Time to revive GarageNoise. This time I have a camera with me. Sadly I've lost a truckload of Kodak moments already, but let's just say this blog is gonna see a lot more photos.

I have a couple of pictures (and stories) from past few months which I need to share with you guys. I already have forgotten the finer points (I'm pretty sure), but hopefully the pictures will speak up.

I have to resize all of them (and sort em out), so this post WILL have no photos, but the next one will be all out.

To all my friends, keep in touch guys!

Garagenoise v2.0.


KwokFist said...

Im glad to be your new found inspiration :D.

Post ur Kodak Moments soon.. Hoping to see how u've been in the past few months overseas.


Manav said...

you suck

Subhiksh Vasudev said...

and iwas searchin all over the net for my favourite pastime...dissin yo NRI a$$, that is :D......

Hafeezeus said...

I second manav. You really suck