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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Wishful thinking: ZX12R.

Hey guys,

It has been ages since I thought about bikes and riding in general. The past two years were spent completing my Masters (Computer Science) with no bike and no possibility of affording one. But now I'm on a job hunt, and what that means is, once I find a job, I hit Craigslist.

What am I dreaming about? Everything really. My original plan was to go for a Kawasaki ZX6R or a Kawasaki Z750, ride that for a year or so, and move up to a Kawasaki ZX-12R. Considering how rare it has become to find those Kawasaki ZX-12Rs now, it makes sense for me to go for that directly. Yes, from the staunch belief of not stepping into the shoes of a big bike without going up the chain, to fulfilling a childhood dream, I am hoping I secure a job soon. The ZX12R makes perfect sense today.

One in good condition would cost anywhere from $4500-7000. The best part? It is as fast (if not faster) than most modern superbikes in a straightline, looks AMAZING, is comfortable for someone my size and with that kinda rwhp stock, it'll be a while before needing any performance enhancements.

I can't stop looking at listings on craigslist and wishing I get some moolah in the pocket before someone goes ahead and steals an AMAZING deal.

Just look at it. What ever happened to the time when bikes had a simple flowing design and individual look that matched the engine performance and characteristics..?

Ahh.. make mine a green? Please?

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Anonymous said...

So what happened to your 12R? I'm assuming you've upgraded to a Y2K by now! - Hafeexius